One of the challenges I enjoy most as a designer is starting with words on a page, and transforming them into visually engaging and memorable content.

Product Catalog

Amphibia Performance Eyegear is a client I’ve worked with since its inception way back in 2012 or so. I started with the logo design, progressed to marketing and packaging design, and even got to work on actual product design along the way. This is the most recent version of their catalog from 2021, and a project I always enjoy working on.

Industry Services Brochure

Just because you’re in an industry that isn’t typically associated with dynamic creative design doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. This was a cool design project for a regional roofing company, in which we built a design language that was adapted for different regional markets, as well as commercial and residential applications.

Digital eBook Layout

This is a psychology industry thought leadership layout designed for on-screen viewing via PDF.

Industry Services Flyer

Industry Services Gatefold Brochure

University Fundraising Campaign Mailer

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